The Hunt of the Missing Genres and More
Posted by atomicoz - 2013-08-04I just added a few more genres. To only show the ones you like on the, head on over to the account settings (it's in the sidebar when logged in)

• R&B under Hip Hop/Rap (Everyone who had Hip Hop/Rap got it automatically)
• Hardcore under Rock (Everyone who had Metal got it automatically)
• Acoustic as a whole new section/genre

Also added a lil page to show artists, staff and contributors throughout the 6 and a half years of lolo, It's also available in the footer under the 'Info' section

EaterOfCorpses 10 years, 11 months ago
Looks awesome :) I think you should highlight the logged in user tho ;)

BTW did you ever get my €0.41 cents? D:
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