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Posted by atomicoz - 2011-11-08What might be unknown to most people are the other sites and applications that automatically grabs info from Lololyrics. Recently joined that list, it picks a new Hardstyle track every day and shows the youtube video along with a link to check out the lyrics!

It's also used by two lyric plugins:
* MLyrics - Lyrics plugin for the Songbird music player
* CoverGloobus - Linux program to show cover and lyrics, supports many different music players.

MLyrics - regular screen

MLyrics - fullscreen

TheHardClock - Today's pick 2011-11-08:

If you got a cool site or app and wanna integrate it, you can find more info at
The API has been progressively developed after its needs, so let me know if you miss something to realize your idea :)

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