Request: Technical Itch & Kemal - The Calling (Evol Intent & Ewun Remix)

We calling out the Z

We're calling while we're walking
We're calling out the Z

One destination of calling

Come on

One world order

I see the
Society is burning
We're calling

Real destiny

World of da Z

On the streets no more
One world order

We got the Z

Society is burning
We're calling
  • Release
  • BGRDM001 Big Riddim 2009

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Shadow_Dweller 5 years, 3 months ago
best i got from vip version (clearner lyrics) fill in the blanks
war we keep (or walking)
the spins (wheels)

idk man its beyond me, im prob wrong but it sounds like that to me, the streets im 99.9% correct
Imil 8 years, 8 months ago
The real are calling, we call reality
We are the real, we deal reality
The inner (…), we call reality
Through the real, reveal destiny
The sound is calling for reality
Famous (…), saw reality
Legislate the flow, no destiny
Final destination, I’m calling
(…) are turning, we burn reality
Live life fully, your reality
Existence on the edge, call reality
Can’t hold the (…) no more, reality
One world order, raw reality
Right (…), survive reality
I speak of (…), a cheap reality
Society is burning, the calling
So, anything you can say to help?
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