Music-related April Fools Jokes 2012
Posted by atomicoz - 2012-04-01Hey everyone!

As you most likely already figured out, we will not open up to non-electronic genres, some didn't check the date and saw that it was April 1! :P (So no, you won't have to endure a vuvuzela genre)

And here's some of the music-related pranks pulled by other sites today.

* Ophidian announces ready-to-release album Meander album as cancelled
"Due to canine consumption of the master copy"

* Armin van Buuren announces bi-monthly dubstep radio show
"As I say time and time again, never be a prisoner of your style."

* Radio station Fear.FM replaces avatars on comments and forum posts with random rage comics/troll meme faces

* shows exclusive trailer for upcoming Dubstep music game for the Nintendo 3DS (video)

* Technoboy quits Hardstyle, switches to Dubstep

* LSDB lists fake liveset as #1 rated

* Ibiza2012 announces Justin Bieber at Privilege for 2012 as part of his ibiza tour
"[...] perhaps testing the water before a residency in 2013"

Qz 10 years, 10 months ago
And of course the epic track uploaded by Spoontech records. _O_
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