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The Outside Agency & D'Spyre - Fire & Blood Revisited lyrics

Increase the power

The old world passes away
Together we shall forge a new one
In fire and blood
The future is transformed
I am the instrument to purify the world

From the ashes of this world
I will build a better one
Let chaos cleanse the world!

I cannot be defeated
Exterminate them

Increase the power

You cannot hold me


Increase the peace [4x]
What is.. a badunkadunk?

Cover: The Outside Agency & D'Spyre - Fire & Blood Revisited
  • Scenocide 101 Album Sampler With Awesome Title

  • Year
  • 2005

  • Genre

  • Source / Sample

  • Submitted
  • Jun 4, 2009 by Pain

From the animated 'X-Men' series (1992)

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