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The Outside Agency - Dark Serenity lyrics

You shouldn't have followed me

It's my voice that will lead you into the death's lure
The guardian of night gave me a few moments of life
After which I shall return to the deep dark realm of death
They cured me
They brought me into their world, [...]

I heard their silent song of death
And my shadow followed it

Let us rain some doom down upon the filthy heads of our doomed enemies!
I'm gonna sing the Doom Song now
Doom doom doom...

Cover: The Outside Agency - Dark Serenity
  • There Can Be Only None

  • Year
  • 2003

  • Genre

  • Submitted
  • Jun 4, 2009 by zup

On the compilation (Scenocide 101), the ending vocals are different, as follows:

'That was intense
Glad I'm wearing a wetsuit

I don't wanna fly
I'm proud to get knocked out

Are you ready for pain?
Are you ready for suffering?
Then you're ready for Captain Freedom's workout!'

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