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Promo - Weapons Of Divine Temper lyrics

There's a rebellion in the wind
It will be crushed

I will speak to them in dreams

Signal the fleet
Prepare for battle

Provide him with suitable weapons
Weapons of divine temper!

There is no
No man worthy in my whole wide kingdom of Phoenicia
No man of courage in the whole world!

There's a strange darkness - but still day
It is time for chance to intervene
Time you saw something of the world
Time you come face to face with your fear
Time to know the terrors of the dark
And look on death
Time your eyes were opened to grim reality

Weapons of divine temper!

It's a sign of the times
This kingdom is under a curse
And the city is in despair
And everybody goes around muttering
'Call no man happy who is not dead!'

Cover: Promo - Weapons Of Divine Temper
  • Weapons Of Divine Temper Vinyl

  • Year
  • 2007

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From the movies 'Clash Of The Titans' (1981) and 'Ben Hur' (1959)
zup 15 years, 3 months ago
Added second source, fixed lyrics for both sources.
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