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Deadmau5 vs. Melleefresh - Afterhours (Original Mix) lyrics

I see you sitting at the bar
I wonder who the fuck you are
You undress me with your eyes
Dreaming of my creamy thighs

Did you wanna see my tits?
Do you wanna taste my lips?
Take me now I'm feeling hot
Right now right here on the spot!

Throw me down on the bar
Shall we do the it in the car?
You're so naughty, I'm so nice
Maybe we should do it twice

I don't even know your name
You don't even know my name
I know you wanna hear those screams
'Cause you're the one that's in my dreams!

Cover: Deadmau5 vs. Melleefresh - Afterhours (Original Mix)
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