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Kamikaze Deadboy - Amelie Poulain lyrics

You mustn't allow yourself to be chained to fate...
To be ruled by your genes...
Human beings can choose the kind of life that they want to live...
What's important is that you choose life...
And then live!

We are the music-makers...
And we are the dreamers of dreams...

Well, well, well
Devil's night is upon us again
Thought we throw a little party
Start a bunch of fires
Make a little profit
-I like the pretty lies
It's all been done before, you see what I'm sayin'?
-That's no reason to quit
Best reason to quit...
ONLY reason to quit!
I have an idea
The idea tracks others
Like mine did

  • Release
  • Sociopath Blitzkrieg

  • Year
  • 2007

  • Genre

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  • Apr 27, 2009 by Imil

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