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The Prodigy - Diesel Power lyrics

Yo, I used to checkout lyrics and pump the format
Build with skill with technique. Computer A-DAT
My lyrical form is clouds on your brainstorm
I get hype. Think thought flow.

Acrobat, sink the track, pump the track
Transmissions, close like spores react past these visions
And hurrying more reflects on the dance floor
Blowing up and having mad people showing up

Packing crowds jam-packed venues
Needles collapse, while atmosphere continue
Sprinkle that,
Winning like that, moving like that, hitting like that

The melody is fat
Yo, I'm on the energy source
The cosmic boss
With Prodigy
Given astrology
My intellect's devour

With Diesel Power

Blows your mind drastically, fantastically (x4)

We spun back rewind-Diesel Power
Blows your mind drastically, fantastically
It has to be, automatically
Check it out. You better work it out

Dreams to another bout
My techniques, strategies, abilities.
Will leave cordless mics hanging like spring leads
Do a track so fast. Beyond from you and I

Lyrical tactics, vocal gymnastics
Ease and pepped up
You get swept up
Smacked up, backed up, your crew's all cracked up

Check it slow
Pick choose quick
You can't stick
My medical range is strange as angles

You get tangled. Twist inside a fraction
Channels repeat, complete. Can't complete
Check the hour and texture
Mind adventure

Exploit the point
Into tracks to devour
My intellects proceed

My diesel power

Blows your mind drastically, fantastically (x4)

Back attack the wack
Pack the fax to me
You don't want none
High-quality action b/still standing

Damaging your other manner
Quick reverse
Potent as the first verse
My amplifier blows on your worlds, higher

Words sire
Cuts like a barbed wire
I pull up on your energy day

I move And I swings towards it
Put your brain in right mode

Selective mix
The man will perfect the fix heads lightly.
Bite me
Copy Xerox. Cop sand blocks

You can't knock them out there
I'll keep lifting, shifting, persistent
Intelligent kingpin
Given astrology
As I roll with Prodigy

With Diesel Power

Blows your mind drastically, fantastically (x4)

Mono 706
Robot sonic

Blows your mind drastically, fantastically (x4)

Cover: The Prodigy - Diesel Power
  • The Fat Of The Land

  • Year
  • 1997

  • Genre

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#2 Daily Other
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