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Q-ic & Kemikaze feat. Mr. Eyez - No Flash lyrics

Goodevening ladies and gentlemen
This is Mr. Eyez, DJ Kamikaze and Q-ic
Your instructors for today
Please prepare to jack

Q-ic and the jack fundation
Your instructors for today
Jumpers ready?!
Prepare to jack

Hahaha, all the little titties jumping and jacking away

You having fun?

I see all the lovely ladies jumping and jacking
All the fellas jumping and jacking

Everybody's getting crazy on this dancefloor
I like it!

You're not jumping high enuff!
And you're not jacking hard enuff!

Jumpers ready?!
Prepare to jack (x??)

I hope you had fun to day
Jumping and jacking with the Q-ic and the jack fundation
Your instructions for this evening and lower

Prepare to jack

  • Release
  • VA - Reverze - Creation Of Life

  • Year
  • 2009

  • Genre

  • Submitted

Top achievedBETA
#2 Daily Jumpstyle

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