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Szeifert vs. Krash & Dukai Regina - Rhythm Of Noise lyrics

The rhythm of noise (noise)

All the doors are close behind
Let open up my lonely mind
The rhythm of noise can make me smile
I don't need to think about
I don't even want to find
The shortest way to make you mine
The shadow of a distant wall
As a word in my empty soul
Telling the truth I already know
'cause the definite answer is
Waiting for the perfect day
When you could find where to go

I waste all my time
I waste all my life
I waste all my heart to find a place
Where nobody cries
Where nobody lies
And somebody needs your smile
Your smile...
Somebody needs your smile

  • Release
  • Szeifert vs. Krash & Dukai Regina - Rhythm of Noise

  • Year
  • 2007

  • Genre

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  • Approved by Fredo

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