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D-Saster - The Interview lyrics

What pisses you off?
What else?
Everything, just being bored dude
Being bored pisses me off

For an interview, you said that, well, after somewhat 10 years, you won't be in a music business like making songs and stuff like that, why is that?
Cause I fucking hate this interest in it, you know, this whole industry and all this shit's a fucking lie

A fucking lie

So, can you take it too far?
If there's something to be said from an artistic point of view, no
From the general public's, psyche
Or their collective mentality point of view
We found out that you can
And I'm not talking about parents
I'm talking about your own audience
Not being able to understand what you're saying

You know, all these, these groups are great visually, visually really good
But until they get hit records that are standards
And songs that are going to last for thirty years
They're never going to reach that level of, of immortality

Fuck off

For, for money, and
My art is fucking more than money
I'm sick of this fucking business
I'm sick of this shit that comes with it
They can all fuck off

An artistic point of view

It's one thing to say 'I don't want to go platinum'
Like I said, wanting to go platinum is not on my list
I'd rather sell a hundred records to the right people
Than a million records to the wrong people
  • Release
  • Masters Of Hardcore Chapter XXIV CD

  • Year
  • 2007

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  • Jan 4, 2009 by zup
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Lyrics are taken from interviews with artists of which Slipknot, Alice Cooper and KRS One.
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