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3 Steps Ahead - Studio Chat lyrics

Are you ready for the next take?
-Uh, yeah, but uh, uh, hang on.
We ain't got all day, ready for the next take?
-When I thought I, uh, when I thought I could, uh.
(?) they're all the same, just press a button and everything will be fine!
-I.. I think I've got an overdose...
Who cares? Ready?
-If I don't see you no more on this road. Will I meet you on the next one? But don't be late.(?)
Okay, excellent, great! Can we hear that one more time? Hello? Hey! Can we have that one more time? I think something's wrong here. Hey! Hello!?

Cover: 3 Steps Ahead - Studio Chat
  • Junkie

  • Year
  • 2000

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    #10 Daily Hardcore/Gabber

(?) denotes that I'm unsure on what he says.
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