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DJ Mystery - Black Nature lyrics


Black nature

It was a beautiful summer day as heaven suddenly changed (changes), colored black (black)
The rain falls [...]
And before anybody can comprehend something at all, crushed in this moment (crushed in this moment)
The first night moved [...] over the horizon, and the thunders alarming
Mothers looked desperately for their children and all people are looking panicked for shelter
The first victims lie on the street and you can only hear the screams (the screams)
The people always believed that they are omniscient and have the control about everything
But they forget one thing (one thing)
This is the sound of real nature

Rain! Thunder! Storm! And fire!
This is the sound of hard bass


Rain! Thunder! Storm! And fire!
The sound of hard bass

Thunder bass


Cover: DJ Mystery - Black Nature
  • Black Nature Vinyl

  • Year
  • 2008

  • Genre

  • Submitted
  • Dec 17, 2008 by zup
  • Approved by Pain

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