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Headbanger & Partyraiser - Partybanger lyrics

Believe what I say, I'm no better than you
Except when I rap so I guess it ain't true
Like that y'all and you just don't stop
Guaranteed to make your body rock!

Check-ch-check-check-check-ch-check it out
What-wha-what-what-what's it all about
Work-wa-work-work-work-wa-work it out
Let's turn this motherf**king party out

Turn this motherf**king party out

All right!

Now I go by the name of the King Ad-Rock
I don't wear a cup nor a jock
I bring the shit that's beyond bizarre
Like Miss Piggy "Who, Moi?"

Town ablaze, gonna stun and amaze

Here we go again! [2x]

All right!

Cover: Headbanger & Partyraiser - Partybanger
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  • 2007

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  • Dec 10, 2008 by zup
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Pain 11 years, 8 months ago
cheers :D <3
Va fan, intrige!
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