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Negative A & Tymon - Hells Bells lyrics

The fire is not a-wanting
The fire has already come
As we mortals drink, gamble, and fornicate our way through this world
Deaf to hells bell's thundering toll
The clock of damnation's already struck midnight
We're cooked... done!
Stick a fork in the ass of the human race
And turn us over on Satan's spit
Because we all are not going to hell
I say, we are in hell, now

We are in hell, now

Cover: Negative A & Tymon - Hells Bells
  • Hells Bells

  • Year
  • 2008

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From the TV series 'Crime Scene Investigation', season 8 episode 3; 'Go To Hell'
KeccoGbr 8 years ago
Uahaaaahahaha bella questa!
CorossiNL 10 years, 10 months ago
Source: Crime Scene Investigation: Go to Hell
Thanks for the help!
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