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Bomfunk MC's - Track Star lyrics

Here comes the hardest part
But I don't need you I can break my own heart
And I know to expect the worst so when it falls apart I'm gonna land on my feet first

There goes your only friend
If it don't work out you can always start again
But you know to expect the worse
So when it don't work out your gonna land on your feet first

So were strangers again after all we've been through
Cause only strangers would act the way i act with you
After all that I've tried to forget what I've said
It's the strangers in my life that make me regret

I don't want to fight 'cause I know its right
You don't have to drown in an ocean to die

Cover: Bomfunk MC's - Track Star
  • Reverse Psychology

  • Year
  • 2005

  • Genre

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    #7 Daily Other

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