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The Speed Freak - Purple Haze lyrics

No purpose this room has ever served is more important than that which brings myself to your community for those pictured before you are the designated targets of a deadly assassin
An assassin of youth
A new drug menace destroying our children in alarmingly increasing numbers
Marijuana is that drug
That vile narcotic, an unspeakable scourge!
The real public enemy number one!

Welcome to purple haze

Pick it up, we need to get big

Activate (...) procedure


What are you people, on dope?
On dope [?x]
What are you people
On dope [?x]
Smoke weed every day

You wanna cure the world, legalize pot

It's a known scientific fact that when under the influence of marijuana the user becomes sensationaly violent and capable of staggering feeds of strength

Andas crudo buscas remedio
Gasta la lana compra bolsa y medio
Saca un chingo o haste un leno
Heeey, marijuana
That's some bad weed

Marijuaaaaana, marijuaaaaana [?x]
We like marijuana too

Marijuaaaaana, marijuaaaaana [?x]

Marijuaaaaana, marijuaaaaana [?x]

Take a blow, take a puff
Can't get enough infectious stuff
In your blood, in your veins
I'm the fix that is your pain
I'm the virus to be loved
Infectious to the core
You can fight me if you like
I'll infect you even more!

Acid, acid, now I'm blasted

All my life I was either baked or fryed
I don't really have sex 'cause I fall asleep when I try

Marijuaaaaana, marijuaaaaana [?x]
Ok, (...)
Marijuaaaaana, marijuaaaaana [?x]
Marijuana in your brain


Give me that purple haze [?x]

Anybody here smoke herbs?
Are you ready, stoners?

Hi kids, do you like cannabis?
Do you wanna see me pack a fat bowl and smoke out of it?
Wanna copy me and be a serious pothead?
Say thing like dank, skunk and buddha roach?

If I got weed, (...)
You probably heard I smoke a lot when I should (...)
(...) cannabis, cuz it's (...)
Don't ever leave me (...)

Marijuana, it got my brains pumpin'
Marijuana, it got my brains thumpin'
Marijuana, it (...) feelin'
Turn up da riddim (...)

Marijuana [2x]


Fucked up, so what, what's up?


Light it up, light it up


Smoke some weed

I live everyday as a seller
I sell crack cocaine and marijuana

Let's get this (...)

Pass the marijuana my way
And some papers, and some papers

There is a weed smoke in the air
(...) everywhere
So just give me the light
There is smoke in the air

We like to smoke every day

Marijuana... [?x]

I like to smoke marijuana

I'll bring the bag of weed
You can bring the bottle of wine
Call me whenever, we can get together
And have us a real good time

Bury me in a marijuana field
That's where I really long to be

It's the joint full of cannabis, helps a medicine go down
Makes me feel good right away

Not only do I think marijuana should be legalized
I think it should be mandatory

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AdamBast 12 years, 5 months ago
"still misses A LOT"
Hahh, tell me something new. :)
How good for you, you must have a lot of time. I wish I had this amount of time, unfortunately, I don't. :(
My head is bangin'
You're killing me
Please don't stop
Imil 12 years, 5 months ago
Added a few sources, fixed a load, but it still misses A LOT.
Binky 14 years, 6 months ago
Thanks a lot man, great work.
Have to agree that man does some crazy sampling, but yeah turns out nice.
Once again, thanks.
Imil 14 years, 6 months ago
any Speed Freak lyric submitter earns respect ((A)) I've done it and it's HARD! :O
AdamBast 14 years, 6 months ago
Thx, Imil. I wonder what the request maker will say ;)
My head is bangin'
You're killing me
Please don't stop
Imil 14 years, 6 months ago
Speed Freak does it again!
he DOES use too many samples per track <3
he's a god with those samples though :O
nice submission! :D
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