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Core Corp - Hollow-Eyed lyrics

Hello, Doc
- Simon?
- You know who I am
- Billy has told me a lot about you
- Billy is a smart boy
- What happened on Christmas night in Lowell?
- Use your imagination
- I'd rather you tell me, Simon
- Peter was naughty, Doc
- What did Peter do?
- He shouldn't have done it, Doc
- Tell me, Simon
- He scared Mary, Doc
He crept up behind her in the dark and he scared her
Mary fell down, Doc
She fell on her doll
It cut her up, Doc
It cut her up real bad
She needed someone to help her so I introduced myself
Hello Mary
And I told her to cut up Peter, Doc
Do it, Mary
To cut him up real bad
Good thing his knife was brand new, real sharp
And then just so her mommy and daddy wouldn't get mad
I told her to cut them up too
Do it
There was a lot of blood, Doc
So much blood
But Mary wanted to do it
Do it, Mary
So she did it

And where do you live, Simon?
- I live in the weak and the wounded

Cover: Core Corp - Hollow-Eyed
  • Embracing Death EP

  • Year
  • 2006

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From the movie 'Session 9' (2001).
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