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Dom & Roland - Mr. Tuttles Nightmare lyrics

I hereby inform you, under powers entrusted to me under section 47
Paragraph 7 of council order number 438476
That Mr. Buttle, residing at 412 North Tower, Shangrila Towers
Has been invited to assist the Ministry of Information with certain inquiries
And that he is liable to certain financial obligations
As specified in council order RB/CZ/907/X
Sign here, please

- Deputy minister, what do you believe is behind this
Recent increase in terrorist bombings?
- Bad sportsmanship
A ruthless minority of people
Seems to have forgotten certain good old-fashioned virtues
If these people would just play the game, they'd get a lot more out of life

Buttle, I mean Buttle
It's been confusion from the word go

- Information Retrieval has got him down as inoperative
And there’s another, the security has got him down as excised
Administration has got him down as completed
- He's dead
- Dead?

Cover: Dom & Roland - Mr. Tuttles Nightmare
  • Through The Looking Glass

  • Year
  • 2008

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From the movie 'Brazil'(1985)

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