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Komprex Vs. Noisekick - Kidnapped Holdup lyrics

Peter R. de vries, a crime reporter, chalenged him with some very though questions
And after the show, Joran was caught throwing a glass of wine over the table in his face

Joran ontpopt zich steeds meer als een jongen zonder geweten

Come on, motherfucker!

Vies hoor...
Hij is vies oniet?
Patrick, hij is vies!

Ik krijg een dikke schade vergoeding volgens mij

Maar ik zat alleen te lachen
Ik heb geen coño gezegt, Patrick
Geen coño!

Ik vraag jou: Hoe wist je zo focking zeker dat ze dood was gewoon?

Ik lul niet tegen je Patrick

Tu la possiedi, Io la possiedo (You own her, I own her)


Perchè le cose più brutte succedono sempre alle persone più buone? È questo il mistero... (Why do always best people get the worst things happen to them? That's a mistery...)

-Non permettere mai che il gioco cominci a giocare con te! (Never allow the game to start playing with you!)
-Cosa ti ripeti sempre? (What do you always keep telling yourself?)
-Fottere sempre (Fucking, always)
-Farsi fottere! (getting fucked!)


-Come vuoi uccidermi? (How do you want to kill me?)

  • Release
  • This Is Terror 11

  • Year
  • 2008

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  • Nov 15, 2008 by Imil
  • Approved by Fredo

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    #5 Daily Terror/Speedcore

All dutch vocals taken from Peter R. De Vries' episode about Natalee Holloway
The Italian is translated in brackets
Imil 13 years ago
oh yeah vocals might be bit incomplete due cutoff's :O
Rudi 12 years, 5 months ago
I dont wanna be a wise guy but its "vies hoor, hij is vies ofniet? hij is vies patrick" ^^
Imil 13 years ago
yeah, I googled it :O
Rudi 12 years, 5 months ago
i think that conjo is almost the same as "kut" or cunt
richard 13 years ago
Imil 13 years ago
and wth is cono? XD
Rudi 13 years ago
Zomgs Its coño not conjo :O
Roby31 13 years ago
ok i'll fix the italian part later today
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