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Monster Magnet - Crop Circle lyrics

Come on!

I was born underwater
I dried out in the sun
I started humping volcano's baby
When I was too young
I started surfing the madhouse
And I decided to stay
I got an itch in my cosmic pocket
And it won't go away

Instead of dragging your swamp
For your lost love
Come to me I'm your living crop circle

Like a lamb to the slaughter
Like a peach in the sun
I'll curl you up in my flame pit baby
Until your way over done
I came up from the ground
I came down from the sky
And I'm grabbing her knees
Like a worm with a mission
'Cause I'm made out of salt
And I'm made out of coal
And I live like a king in a show mercial

Instead of make you a man
Make you a monkey
Throw your head in the living crop circle

Let me tell you about it [2x]
Come on [3x]

I said

I'm your living crop circle [4x]

Cover: Monster Magnet - Crop Circle
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  • 1998

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