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The Silence - Remain Calm lyrics

I feel like I wanna scream

I feel like taking my clothes off
I feel like causing extraordinary amounts of property damage
I feel like I wanna scream, wanna fuck
Like twisting limbs and breaking bones

Everyone remain calm
Fuck [2x]

You motherfucker

This is the delusion of the narcissist
Who believes that they alone are real
Their feelings are the only feelings that matter
Because other people are just shadows
And shadows don't feel
The most alarming delusion of all
The idea that other people don't matter

Fuck you
Kill those motherfuckers


Cover: The Silence - Remain Calm
  • The Silence Of The Perfect Dark

  • Year
  • 2023

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#5 Daily Hardcore/Gabber

Partly from the movie "Mayhem" (2017) and tv-series "Legion" S0208 "Chapter 16".
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