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Jade Key ft. KNVWN - Can't Break Me lyrics

I'm not in love, with anyone right now
My time, my luck
And it's never running out

I’ve been stuck in the grey
Not knowing if I should stay, or leave
I no longer wait, to be living so carelessly
I’m ready now, never been happier all cried out

This is that feeling they promise you get
Right when you meet someone you won’t forget
All of this time I thought somebody else
Was gonna give what I already had

Already had
Now I’m keeping me all to myself

I know the taste of losing, I been through it
Right now I’m in this moment, get into it
I fell too many times, yeah I got bruises

But you can’t break me

Too many coaches always on the sidelines
You’re this or you’re that, oh darling, I’m a dime
I’m sick of the cheerleading only when I
Barely even make it past the finish line

Ooh woah-oh, ooh woah-oh
Aye, I'ma give myself a shoutout
Ooh woah-oh, ooh woah-oh
Never been happier, I’m all cried out

Cover: Jade Key ft. KNVWN - Can't Break Me
  • Can't Break Me

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  • 2022

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