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Astrix - Acid Rocker lyrics

It's not your fault
I was supposed to take care of you
And I hurt you
I don't know how to fix that
You could have gotten me in trouble
But you didn't
You cared
And now I
I can care for you
Right now

Condemned to death by his peers for rebellion
Horus from Hierakonpolis, the God of Heavens
Has seven days to see the Earth of mankind once more
The Earth he helped create

In seven days, the time for one beat of the divine heart
Not a second more before being deprived of his immortality
But even the Gods fear death

It's on full blast
I'm on fire (fire [4x])

Cover: Astrix - Acid Rocker
  • Red Means Distortion

  • Year
  • 2010

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From the movies "Sublime" (2007), "Immortal" (2004) & "Proof" (2005).
Insidiouz 2 weeks, 5 days ago
Please make sure to not just copy-paste lyrics from other sites. This is from Genius, where half of the lyrics are missing. I added the missing parts and sources now. Please double check the lyrics from other sites on future submissions. :)
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