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Micron - The Astronaut lyrics

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Hey, it's me
I know we haven't spoken in a while and things have been weird
But I still think about you a lot
Do you think about me? (about me [6x])
Maybe you can come visit me in the summer
We can go to the beach or down to the river

I dream about things way beyond this atmosphere
Will I eventually evaporate into a black hole
Or would I just stick up there
So fucking high
Can you imagine floating weightless?
But for now, I'm here
I just wonder if the empty space would make me go insane

Like if I was an astronaut

I know I sound a little crazy

Once you realize that all the shit you used to care so much about
Just keeps you a prisoner of your own mind
You stop trying so hard
And you surrender to the knowing that you don't know anything
Most people think I'm insane
I'm just trying to get out of my mind at this point
But I think I think too much

I guess I'll just keep reaching for the moon

Somewhere, like a star
Like if I was an astronaut

Cover: Micron - The Astronaut
  • The Astronaut

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