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Mystic - Dark Night lyrics

It is like the air which
If one would close one's hand upon it, escapes

It escapes [x2]

Purgation of sense

By himself, man cannot attain to that degree of purgation
Which is essential to his transformation (transformation)
In order both actually and habitually to possess the one
It is needful to expell and annihilate the other
To the extent that is possible in this life

Dark night


Two kinds of darkness
The sensual and the spirtual

This night which, as we say, is contemplation
It produces in persons two kinds of darkness
Leaving the understanding dark, the will dry
The memory empty and the affections sterile

Dark night

It becomes sterile
Neither the devil nor the world nor sensuality
Has any arms to make war upon the spirit
And the house remains at rest and quiet

Cover: Mystic - Dark Night
  • Dark Night

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  • 2023

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