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Rob Gee - EEG Bor lyrics

Oh wee oh, wee ohh [3x]

DJ Gizmo, Achtung Achtung Achtung, Den Haag hakke
Lenny Dee, fuck fuck fucking, fu-fuck fuck fuck fucking, fucking hostile
Rob Gee, brbrbrbraaah!

So, Rob – what should I take when listening to all this music?
Some people take speed, some people take dope, other people take ecstasy!

What the fuck happened to that guy?
- He took some sort of pill

Rob fucking Gee

Let me clear my throat
Ahem, uh-hum

Cover: Rob Gee - EEG Bor
  • Gabber Up Your Ass

  • Year
  • 1994

  • Genre

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    #1 Daily Hardcore/Early

_reGOREgitate 1 year, 2 months ago
Does anybody know where the "he took some sort of pill" sample is taken from? It's also on The Insaniacs - The Fatal Overdose (XTC).
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