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Raventale - Suicide As The Destined End lyrics

Have you ever thought of sand of your life?
When the routine
Your fistful is hollow through the fingers
Inexorably placing down every grain
One more second has fallen to nowhere

Have you ever felt your warmth like ice?
When you warm life with the breath you draw
But the face of all hopes covered with hoarfrost
Makes you accept the inexorable
And you know that having turned off this way
You won't dare to take a look back
Only distant image will stay for you
The only waymark

The dim null curdles the fires of your veins
Behind is the glow bleeding out of prostrated flesh

Cover: Raventale - Suicide As The Destined End
  • Mortal Aspirations

  • Year
  • 2009

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Atmospheric Black/Doom Metal

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