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Varials - Savage lyrics

You push and you continue to take
You can't make up for the choices you made
I gave you what you needed
You're just a disease
A god damned plague
You're not worth my time

I don't need to give you a reason
I don't need to prove a thing to you
You push and push
And take, take, take
You proved to be completely fake


Take the chances I gave you
And waste them away

Forgive and forget
Lie after another lie
Your sick sad excuses
I don't know how I forgave you

What would the world have me do?
I can't fix you
Or your broken mindset

What would the world would have me do?
I don't find joy in what I used to
I'm sick of life and what I go through

What a lapse of judgment
How could I let you in?
How could I let you get away with this?

Nothing left
For you or myself
Nothing left
For anyone at all

Cover: Varials - Savage
  • Failure//Control

  • Year
  • 2015

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