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Micron - The Bound Woman lyrics

The bound woman's name was Susan Legrow
Born with a silver spoon in her mouth
Susan had it all

Her parents were the wealthiest people in town
Which made Susan the most popular girl at school
Life couldn't have been more perfect
But Susan's one flaw was how she treated men
Flirting and toying with whomever she chose
She left a long trail of broken hearts

Her friends warned she'd live to regret her ways
And they were half right, in Susan's senior year
She dated the star football player Chet Walters

The night of the senior prom
Chet caught his prom queen in another boy's arms
The next morning the boy was found clubbed to death
And Susan was missing

Two weeks later Susan's body was found
Buried beneath the football field's 50-yard line
Bound in rope and strangled to death
Arrested and put on death row, Chet's Last words were:
The bitch broke my heart, so I broke her neck

That jealous monster would have made a nice compliment alongside Susan
Such wretched words and behavior but his results were quite fitting

Bound in rope and strangled to death [3x]

Cover: Micron - The Bound Woman
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Samples were taken from the movie Thirteen Ghosts
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