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Micron - Octopus (3 Hearts 9 Brains Mix) lyrics

Octopuses are masters of mimicry and camouflage
They can trigger cells just underneath
The surface of their skin to change color

Some octopuses can also imitate textures
They can warp small segments of their skin
To match textured environments

Octopus [6x]

Octopuses have elaborate cardiovascular and nervous systems
Their cardiovascular system includes three hearts
Two pump blood to the gills
And a third moves blood throughout the rest of the body

Unlike human blood
Octopus blood is copper based
Which makes it appear blue

The octopus nervous system includes a brain
But two-thirds of the octopus' neurons
Are found throughout its body
Especially in its arms
This means the arms have significant local control
And sensory capabilities

Octopus [?x]

Cover: Micron - Octopus (3 Hearts 9 Brains Mix)
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Source is the video Octopuses 101 | Nat Geo Wild
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