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Bong-Ra - Coke Sniffah lyrics

This is cocaine...
An addictive alkaloid...
Which distorts the thought processes...
Destroys the sex drive...
And makes most people too obnoxious to bear
It's illegal,
and as you know:
You can buy it on any street corner
This is a chemical variant
It increases attention, energy, cognitive powers...
Yet with a smooth opiate-like emotional surface
It's completely legal...
And I'm the only one who knows how to make it
-How much can you make it for?
Give me five million dollars!

He died of an overdose (4X)

Cocaine! (?X)

Cover: Bong-Ra - Coke Sniffah
  • Stereohype Heroin Hooker

  • Year
  • 2006

  • Genre

  • Source / Sample

  • Submitted
  • Oct 26, 2008 by imil

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#1 Daily Breakcore/IDM

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