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Sworn Enemy - Justify lyrics

(What we have before us are worthless law makers
Weak-minded officials, greedy, corruptible
Pencil-pushing scumbags in one big bag of shit
It's time for us to take out the garbage)

People talking public outcry
Government will see me and you die
For the people through and through
This is what I say to you

Don't believe the lies they tell
Morality, they will sell
Sell it to the young and the old
They don't care you're bought and sold

You're bought and sold

Decision-making for the masses
The scum in power are low-life bastards
Worthless leaders preach to choirs
Their every breath can start a fire
Fire spreads, it kills in droves
So now's the time to make some moves
Don't need a piper for mice to follow
What we need is a better tomorrow

They protect the lies, we seek the truth
False alibis
(They justify)

Keeps us happy, puts a smile on our face
Wins their way through the political race
There has to be a way that we can learn
How not to let our country burn
Learn from the past, forge on ahead
For our mistakes, we have certainly bled
Education must be the key
We have to let our minds be free

They protect the lies, we seek the truth
False alibis
(They justify)

We lose while your pockets get fatter
But to you, do our lives matter?

Public outcry, people will die
You and me don't see eye to eye
Tense situation turns irate
Did we already open the flood gates?
In the process everybody gets hurt
Someone needs to step up, show their worth
Warning's out, beware, 'cause this is not a threat
A Billy Club Sandwich is what you will get

They justify their lies [3x]

Cover: Sworn Enemy - Justify
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