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Nasenbluten - It Did Work lyrics


He barked into his communicator
He throw it right at them
That's it, that's what you want!
92,000 people, and we won the title back
Well that's the biggest thing is it?

Yeah [x?]

Well it did Dave, did work
And everybody said it wouldn't work and it did work

Over the Soviet Union and it keen to spread it this day

Yeah [x4]

Cover: Nasenbluten - It Did Work
  • Transient Ischemic Attack

  • Year
  • 1993

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  • Approved by surrender

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It's important to note, that the voices are from the Australian version of the World Wide of Sports, which began in 1981 on the Nine Network. The other version is the American version, which premiered on ABC in 1961. Whilst they have essentially the same idea, they are from different countries and networks. Nasenbluten takes the samples from the Nine Network version from Australia.
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