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Kublai Khan TX ft. Scott Vogel - Swan Song lyrics

To all the ladies working Iowa-80
Selling pussy to the chrome on the interstate
Living hard lives, working long nights
Hit by every man you ever loved, 'til your heart died
You're my mother, you're my sister and a daughter tonight
For every bruise and excuse, you tried but you couldn't hide
For all the fear, every tear, slowly burning your sight
For every moment, in the light, I fucking see you tonight

To see heartbreak from my window
Such a sad state
I can't stop to even hеlp you
What the hell can I do?

Say that's just her lifе
Turned out, used up and defiled
Deep pain starts early in life
Every woman still once was a child
Who's one story of millions
Swan song sung city to city, to city

Your hurt hit closer to home
But what do you see?

Graves beneath the family tree of abuse
Fucking raped at age four on the floor of the chicken coop
I saw her casket fucking covered in flies
A botched embalming job, still smelled like somebody died
For what?

Dead end path
Eyes up

For all the women suffering so visibly
The runaways enslaved unwillingly
Drug addiction, dereliction
Dying from trauma-induced conditions

But you must find your strength
I can't walk your life, your history
To see heartbreak from my window
One day this world might hear you

Sometimes you gotta let the rough end drag

(I've learned that I'm worthy
And just because I have something
I don't have to use it as a tool
Meaning my tits, my ass and my pussy
That I can come higher with my brain
I've learned that a real person
He do not have to take shame for anything that you do
When you did it for means to an end
And I've learned to not be ashamed of anything that I've done
And that my today isn't my yesterdays
It could be my business, but I can share with the world
Don't be ashamed of it, learn something from it
And whenever you have to do it, you can call it what you want to
But I'm still... you gotta survive)
Cover: Kublai Khan TX ft. Scott Vogel - Swan Song
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