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Apex Mind - Demons From Hell lyrics

Here is where the apocalypse began
This is where we stop the annihilation of the world
We drew a line in the sand and said
"Demon, you will not cross!"
But the demon is wicked, full of treachery
Yet again he comes to tempt us
In the guise of an innocent
To rid the world of this demon
We must burn this child! [2x]

Burn anything you're afraid of
Burn anything you can't control
This woman uses your fear to control you
She led you to burn Alessa Gillespie
She led you to burn an innocent child
But you will not deny your guilt and you cannot deny her pain!

Cover: Apex Mind - Demons From Hell
  • Demons From Hell

  • Year
  • 2007

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#9 Daily Hardstyle

Source is the movie "Silent Hill" (2006).
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