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Hallucihate - Sunflower Field lyrics

So I grabbed up the skeleton thick sunflower
And stuck it at my side like a scepter
And deliver my sermon to my soul
And Jack's soul too
And anyone who'll listen

We're not our skin of grime
We're not our dread bleak dusty, imageless locomotive
We're all beautiful, golden sunflowers inside

We're blessed by our own seed
And golden hairy naked accomplishment-bodies
Growing into mad, black, formal sunflowers in the sunset
Spied on by our eyes
Under the shadow of the mad, locomotive riverbank sunset
Frisco hilly, tincan evening, sitdown vision

A perfect beauty of a sunflower
A perfect, excellent, lovely sunflower existence
A sweet natural eye to the new hip moon
Woken up alive and excited grasping in the black-light shadow
Golden sunrise, sunset, monthly breeze

Unholy battered old thing, you were my sunflower
Oh my soul, I loved you then!

Cover: Hallucihate - Sunflower Field
  • For Peace. Against War. Who Is Not?

  • Year
  • 2022

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