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Sullivan King - Madeleine Rose lyrics

Hey there, darling, what the hell's your name?
This must be what it feels like to have love at first sight
(It's a fucking headache)

You make it really goddamn hard to love you
But I think that makes you the best thing that I've ever worked my ass off for
Worked my ass off for

Madeleine Rose [3x]

Hey there, baby, how are you today?
You look so beautiful but you're standing in my way
(Please, I have to pee)

There's not a chance in hell I would ever give you up
It's kinda a cliché to say I wouldn't take a million bucks
But you're kinda cool
Yeah you're really cool
I love you

Madeleine Rose [2x]

I fucking love you

Cover: Sullivan King - Madeleine Rose
  • Come One, Come All

  • Year
  • 2018

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