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RAYZEN & The Unit - Revival (Timeless Festival 2021 Anthem) lyrics

This is the time

I want to survive
I'm feelin' alive
My story is glory
Try to change my mind

Change my mind [x7]

For too long we've been kept inside
Locked in our cage, destroying our minds
Now all I can think of is freedom and joy
Now we are back for a timeless time
Now is the time for revival

Oh my God!

Change my mind [x3]
Let's go!


This is the time

Eyes full of faith
Life's not 'bout gain
I become brave
I fight, I fight, no mistakes

When the fire burns
We feel no pain
Until we've got no chains

Life is timeless, don't go away
Let's stay awake
When we think it's done
We rise again

We rise again [x5]

Let's go!

Now is the time for revival!

We rise again

This is the time [x2]

Let's go!


Cover: RAYZEN & The Unit - Revival (Timeless Festival 2021 Anthem)
  • Revival (Timeless Festival 2021 Anthem)

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  • 2021

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