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Hypoxic - Hate Me lyrics

I don't love you anymore
- Since when?
- Now

Just now
I don't want to lie
Can't tell the truth, so it's over
- It doesn't matter
I love you
None of it matters
- Too late
I don't love you anymore

Here's the truth, so now you can hate me

Now, please go
- Don't
- I am talking
Fuck off

I'm sorry
You misunderstand!
I didn't mean to
- Yes you did
- I love you!
- Where?
Show me!
Where is this love?
I... I can't see it
I can't touch it
I can't feel it
I can hear it
I can hear some words
But I can't do anything with your easy words
Whatever you say it's too late
Now, please go

Here's the truth, so now you can hate me

Cover: Hypoxic - Hate Me
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Source is the movie "Closer" (2004)
3 lyrics with the source Closer
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