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Puppet feat. The Eden Project - Scribble (Extended Mix) lyrics

Oh, we're out of time
The final call is calling
The light falls lightly between us

Before tomorrow comes
And it all gets lost again
The ashes burn down brightest
When we've everything to lose

So, scribble me out
Mistakes erased, forgotten
Life goes on without me

But she said "Trust me, these are the stories we will tell"
As I stood frozen
Infinite I almost fell

But I got a feeling
And my heart starts beating
A sudden rush of feeling alive
This is freedom

And I won't change
I won't phase out
I'm no ghost
Let me go

(Let me go [8x])

Cover: Puppet feat. The Eden Project - Scribble (Extended Mix)
  • Scribble

  • Year
  • 2014

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#3 Daily Dance/House

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