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Rubber City Rebels - (I Wanna) Pierce My Brain lyrics

I wanna pierce my brain! [x4]

I've got metal in my ears
A dozen rings of steel
My tongue is perforated
And I love the way that feels
My belly button and a nipple
Don't forget my nose
I'm running out of places
Where a dude can poke some holes

I'm gonna pierce my brain [x4]

I went down to the piercing parlor
Said they'd pierce my brain
They said I won't survive it
So it had to be prepaid
I had to put them in my will
I hope they're satisfied
They made me write a little note
It saying suicide

Don't wanna pierce my brain [x4]

I woke up with a headache
And a bandage on my head
I couldn't remember nothing
About what I just did
I don't regret my actions
So don't go feeling sad
'Cause I'm working at the airport
Screening people's bags

I pierced my brain [x8]

Cover: Rubber City Rebels - (I Wanna) Pierce My Brain
  • Pierce My Brain

  • Year
  • 2003

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