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Ophidian - The End Of Never lyrics

I have words because I am an artist
I have values because of what I make
You see how that can land you in a tricky spot
Because if you are what you make
Then who are you if you're not making anything?

I feel like I am more aware of my heart
I can feel each pulse
And I can almost feel it
Radiating up my chest towards my head
Like a wave

I can say the really small sounds seem amplified
It is like your brain has recalibrated
So the quiet things seem much louder

I feel like I can feel more things, like
With every beat of my heart it feels like
My body shakes a little bit

Cover: Ophidian - The End Of Never
  • Call Of The Void

  • Year
  • 2021

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#3 Daily Hardcore/Gabber
#10 Daily Overall

Partly from the youtube video "Can Silence Actually Drive You Crazy?" by Veritasium.

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