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Rose Gold - In Us We Trust lyrics

And so it begins
Forget the losses, the draws, and the wins
A new threat has emerged and our time is running thin

This can't be how this ends
We have a new generation and a planet to defend
I've been sent from the future with this message to extend

One must take action, one must stand up
One must fight fiercely for life and for love
To turn the wheels of change, to light the flame of hope
To bridge the gap that has us all at each other's throats

I guess it's up to me to walk into the past
To salvage any remnants of the unity we had
Forward thinker, knowledge seeker
Fearless leader, our fates are at your fingers

I have no time to lose and even less bucks
Call me what you will but don't call this luck
Found some friends tired of waiting so much
We had lightning in our lungs and a city that we love
All the way down to the potholes and the rust
Started from nothing, turned that to enough
To greatness or bust
The first lives we touched to death’s cold, dead clutch

In us we trust [5x]

Cover: Rose Gold - In Us We Trust
  • In Us We Trust

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  • 2019

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Genre: melodic hardcore
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