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DJ Plague & Interrupt Vector - We Gotz Game lyrics

Here's a little somethin' for you whacked out suckers
Rollin' twenty-third, sellin' dope to cluckers
Your bank is thick, but you got no game
Spittin' at freaks runnin' superfly slang
I'm pullin' up the ave' hard as hell
In a droptop 'vette with a greenwood tail
Girls are jockin', lookin' for a knockin'
Smart investments, keep me clockin'

Bye-bye baby, mix gotta roll
Switch to the Benz and I gotta get mo'
Hit the strip, seen this skinny
Butt shook like a four twenty-six hemi
Not just butt, baby hadda motor
Stacked to the max, hair to the shoulders
She's older but I can mold 'er
Dropped that game and it hit like boulders
Now she's sprung, sittin' in my Benz
Rollin' up the tent so you can't see in
Playin' that old Luther stuff
"You wanna get with me, this ain't wild enough"

Two down, two to go
Can't live a night right if I don't knock four
I'm in a big five hundred S-E-L
Interior hot, with a perfume smell
Took it on home, hit the shower
'Bout to get busy in one more hour
Ducks look, but they never will find me
Hopped in my number two Benz, one ninety
Here a skirt, there a skirt
Everywhere a skirt, skirt
Gotta have game, if you wanna get work
"Ah, you ain't nothin'"
Some suckers wanna crush me
Smooth, wit' a move, baby girl
Rush me

Here it is, from the wizard of hip-hop
A lesson in game, make the girls get hot
Picked up a girl named Mattie
Caught static from the sucker in a seven two caddy
Mattie was hot, but her name was "not"
I ain't worried 'bout that, I ain't tyin' no knot
Took her to the hotel, game went strong
She thought I spent bank, but I really spent coupons
But it's cool, 'cause my rhyme went smooth
Savin' my money, 'cause my mouth is a tool
Rolled up close, when I hit the spit
I ain't worried 'bout my breath, 'cause I brush my teeth
Popped that game, freak got weak
Hit that jackpot, slapped them feet
Mattie got busy with the bedroom eyes
Layin' on the big king-sized

Through with Mattie that makes three
"I'm gonna miss you babe, you gonna miss me ?"
Got loose 'cause the girl hadda big caboose
Hadda break down 'cause the girl had juice
"I'm gonna miss you baby"
Smooth ain't it ?
Girls so sprung that she almost fainted
Headin' for the crib, tired brother
When I spotted me another
Baby looks good so you know what the means
Drive around the block when the gangsta leave
Open that sun roof, crank that beat
Bumpin' up the avenue, impressin' them freaks
What's up baby ?

Grow so big, the girls all tip like funk 'ol pigs
Runnin that game, 'cause I wanna get work
Sit don't rip rap home girl shirt
Here she comes, hopped in my car
Somethin' 'bout my Benz goes far in bars
Spit, spit, runnin' that game
I'm feelin' confident about another thick dame
All of a sudden, my game got crushed
Some sucker pulled up and his ride was plush
Rolled up smooth, the girls was waitin'
Five points

Oh, twenty-four K Daytons
Oh-oh, think quick 'cause my girls jumpin' on home boys tip
Better change my game, try another lure
'cause home boys lookin' like Al B. Sure
But it's cool, 'cause I got game, you know I got game

  • Release
  • We Gotz Game Vinyl

  • Year
  • 2003

  • Genre

  • Source / Sample

  • Submitted
  • Approved by pzylence

    Top achievedBETA
    #2 Daily Terror/Speedcore

Label: Canadian Speedcore Resistance
Catalog#: CSR1
Format: Vinyl, 12"
Country: Netherlands
Released: Jan 2003
Style: Speedcore
Notes: A1 samples 'Sir Mix-A-Lot - I Got Game'
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