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Hallucihate - Wurdalak lyrics

My father said before he went away
"I'll be back within five days
If however I should return after the fifth day
You must not let me in
You must kill me and drive a lance through my heart
Because by then I shall have become
A wurdalak"

- Even if anyone pronounces the word
Thing in it trembles in terrible horror
- Wurdalak?

(I want mama, mama I'm cold)
- Don't listen (mama, I'm cold)
For the love of God, don't listen to it
- My child, can't you hear?
He's cold!
- Please Maria don't, you're panicking!
Can't you understand you buried him yourself?
He's dead, Maria!
- Let me go to him, let me go!
He needs me, he's cold!
- But that's not your child out there!
It's the wurdalak!

Wurdalak, wurdalak

I am hungry

Cover: Hallucihate - Wurdalak
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  • 2020

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#6 Daily Hardcore/Gabber

From the movie "Black Sabbath" (1963).
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