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IDLES - Never Fight A Man With A Perm lyrics

Brylcreem, Creatine
And a bag of Charlie Sheen
Brylcreem, Creatine
And a bag of cocaine
A dulcet man with a dulcet tone
From a dulcet town and a dulcet home
He hates me, I like that
Two arms like big baseball bats
I bark, he bites back
A jaw like a fuck-off bear trap
He said, "These boots are made for stomping
And that's just what they'll do
One of these days these boots are gonna
Stomp all over you"

I said I've got a penchant for smokes and kicking douches in the mouth
Sadly for you, my last cigarette's gone out

Concrete to leather! [2x]

A heathen from Eton
On a bag of Michael Keaton
He thinks he's suave
You're not suave 'cause you watched Get Carter
You are a catalogue, plastic Sinatra
A tryhard who should've tried harder
Me, oh me, oh my, Roy
You look like a walking thyroid
You're not a man, you're a gland
You're one big neck with sausage hands
You are a Topshop tyrant
Even your haircut's violent
You look like you're from Love Island
He stood and the room went silent

Never fight a man with a perm!

Concrete to leather! [2x]

I'll shut my mouth
Let's hug it out
I'll shut my mouth [2x]

Cover: IDLES - Never Fight A Man With A Perm
  • Joy As An Act Of Resistance

  • Year
  • 2018

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  • Nov 27, 2020 by Imil

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