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Varials - No Idols lyrics

No idols

It's all a lie
Everything they ever told you
There's a hand behind the curtain
Pulling the strings for your every move

What is this crushing weight of constant debt?
A thousand pounds off my back
Still leaves a thousand more

Live for yourself
Don't let them get your best
Don't you dare make my life
Feel like a fucking test

Don't push me
I'm made of stone
No, don't you fucking push me
I will break all of your bones
With every ounce of strength I have

There are no idols
There are no gods
There are no masters
There's only right from wrong

Cover: Varials - No Idols
  • Failure​/​/​Control

  • Year
  • 2015

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#1 Daily Hardcore

Genre: heavy hardcore
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